Alexander Czigler

Senior Developer and DevOps Engineer at Iteam Solutions

About me

I have been a huge fan of machines, innovation and technology ever since I was a kid. My interest in the web and programming started when I was around twelve. Since then my never ending quest to learn more and be able to do new, cool things has kept me going. I have been working professionally as an IT consultant since 2008. I love working in IT because the whole business is constantly changing and I get to do new things and take on different challenges all the time.

As a person and in my job I favor minimalism and minimum viable design. I love working in true agile projects where methodologies such as kanban and no-estimates are used. These methodologies in combination with modern, IT-oriented customers give me the opportunity to produce as much value as possible.

If you want to learn more or get in contact with me, check out the links below.

Work & code



A small selection of projects that I am, or have been, involved with.


Telenor Sweden's fighter brand. I have been involved with backend development and devops (Windows Server) since 2014.
Microsoft .NET, MySQL, SOAP/REST implementation, Lithium integration


A project that me and a few coworkers started building at a Refugee Tech hackathon. Its purpose is to visualise the skills and competences among the groups of people who seek refuge in Sweden
Node.JS, Angular.JS, React.JS, ElasticSearch, Kibana, Docker


My Minecraft server, I play occasionally with a bunch of friends. The server is using a white-list so contact me if you want to join!
Minecraft, Linux, Overviewer, Docker


If you wish to, you may connect with me on one of the following platforms. I do not use any other social network.