Alexander Czigler

Senior Developer and DevOps Engineer at Iteam Solutions

About me

I have a strong passion for technology, learning new things and helping others. These perks combined have resulted in a career where I work as a system developer helping companies with digital transformation and devops. I also help companies having their own developers to optimize their workflows and methodologies.

As a person I favor minimalism and minimum viable design. I like when things are made or done with purpose in mind and this passion of mine is strongly reflected in any work I do.

If you want to learn more or get in contact with me, check out the links below. If you want to work with me I am available as a consultant via Iteam, do not contact me for recruitment purposes.

Work & code



A small selection of projects that I am, or have been, involved with.

Vimla (2014 - ongoing)

Telenor Sweden's fighter brand. I have been involved with backend development and devops (Windows Server) since 2014.
Microsoft .NET, MySQL, SOAP/REST implementation, Lithium integration

Competency (2016 - ongoing)

A project that me and a few coworkers started building at a Refugee Tech hackathon. Its purpose is to visualise the skills and competences among the groups of people who seek refuge in Sweden
Node.JS, Angular.JS, React.JS, ElasticSearch, Kibana, Docker

Soundation Studio (2014)

An online music studio that runs in the web browser. I helped begin the work of porting the Flash version of Soundation Studio to a pure HTML and JavaScript version that uses Native Client.

StockMusic (2013 - ongoing)

A website run by Sound-Ideas for selling royalty-free audio and sound effects. I do backend development and deveops.


If you wish to, you may connect with me on one of the following platforms. I do not use any other social network.